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This or That: Marble vs. Wood Flooring: Which is Better for Your Dubai Home?

Choosing the correct type of flooring for your home may be a difficult undertaking, even for architects and interior designers. There are several floor kinds, finishes, colors, and forms available on the market, making it tough to make the appropriate decision. On the other hand, Dubai frequently uses marble and wood flooring. Let’s select between marble and wood flooring.

We’ve developed a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of marble versus wood floors in Dubai, so you can easily decide between the two.

Which Floor to Choose: Marble or Wood?
Whether you are looking to buy flats for sale in Dubai or a villa in Dubai to live in, a modern twist on flooring is just as crucial as other interior décor. To help you decide between marble tile and wood floors, we’ve compiled a list of advantages and cons.

Why choose marble floors for your Dubai home?
Marble flooring has several advantages, including exceptionally polished furniture, natural textures, variety, and chromatic richness. If you’re not sure why you should choose marble flooring for your Dubai house, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Marble Flooring
Marble flooring at home
Marble flooring makes your home appear brighter.
Here are some advantages to using marble flooring in your home.
There are several types of home flooring available for purchase. Marble has been one of the most popular flooring materials; therefore, manufacturers have worked on providing a variety of types to suit all tastes and designs. As a result, marble floors come in a wide range of forms and colors, including black, cream, and green marble.
Easy to clean
In terms of cleaning, marble flooring is perfect. Dropping food or drink on carpets can leave permanent stains. If you’re deciding between carpeting and flooring, consider these benefits and downsides.

Marble has the advantage of being moisture-resistant and easy to clean on its surface, regardless of the type of spill. This will make it much easier for you to keep your flooring clean at all times.

Elegant Finishes
Marble flooring adds luster and elegance to your property. Whether you place them in your home’s entrance or bathroom, the titles will shine and brighten the atmosphere. Arabic homes also use marble flooring as decor.

Many homeowners enjoy installing marble in their houses because it is available in a variety of designs and colors to decorate with.

Marble floors are durable.
Marble flooring is easy to clean.
Marble flooring enhances gloss and elegance.
Because marble floors are extremely durable, they do not scrape, so you won’t have to hear that obnoxious sound when someone pulls out a chair. Your floor will last longer than you ever imagined. All you have to do is take care of it and clean it well.

Marble can withstand impacts and scratches. If an aggressive substance, an impact, or a scratch damages your marble flooring, you can polish and repair it. Furthermore, if you notice that your marble flooring has lost its sheen over time, you can restore it to its original appearance through polishing and/or buffing.
Disadvantages of Marble Flooring
We will not deny that there are some factors to consider when choosing these floors.

Marble is easily scratched.
Marble, while extremely durable, is ultimately a soft stone. Therefore, sharp materials can cause scratches and damage them.

High maintenance
Because marble is natural, we must exercise extreme caution when cleaning it. Some types of marble are more durable than others and can tolerate specific cleaning techniques. However, we do not recommend using vinegar or acids to prevent corrosion of the material. High-quality but pricey marble requires significantly less upkeep. For some practical home cleaning ideas, consider DIY deep cleaning hacks.

This appears to be a trait that could potentially be considered a disadvantage. Because each piece has a different grain, it can be difficult to lay the floor in such a way that it does not appear ugly.

Why choose wood floors for your Dubai home?
Wood flooring at home
Wooden flooring adds more elegance and exclusivity to your property.
Dubai offers a variety of wood flooring solutions.

Engineered wood laminate flooring.
Floor boards made of hardwood
Wood laminate flooring
The benefits and drawbacks of wooden flooring will help you choose between wood and marble flooring.
Advantages of Wood Flooring
The beauty of a wood floor is undeniable. Although other options provide realistic finishes, we cannot deny that oak flooring adds beauty and exclusivity to your home.

Each piece or strip of wood flooring is unique and distinct from the others. Although there are various floors that can simulate wood with incredible realism, they all have a certain uniformity due to the drawing’s repetitions.
This does not occur with wooden flooring since it has diverse hues and imperfections between the grains and knots, which are only achievable on a natural wooden floor. This results in completely original and unique floors.

Another distinction between wood and marble flooring is that wood floors are typically warm and velvety, with an amazing touch. Furthermore, wood provides a more flexible support than other flooring options. Walking barefoot on a wooden floor provides a distinct sense of comfort and enjoyment.

Wood is hygroscopic. This means it collects and releases moisture, achieving environmental equilibrium. This property causes wooden flooring to have a favorable effect, helping to purify the environment and maintaining an ideal level of humidity at all times of the year.

As a result, oak floors have become an excellent choice for people with respiratory issues like rheumatism.

Wooden flooring is generally warm and smooth.
Wood may be easily recycled.
Wood is an easily recyclable material, making it an ecological and sustainable resource that, in addition to adding beauty, creates an eco-friendly home in the UAE.

Disadvantages of Wood Flooring
To make the best choice for your home, you also need to be aware of the negatives of wood flooring.

Lower resistance
Wood flooring and platforms are less durable. In this regard, they are less resistant to scratches and blows, which can leave a mark on the surface.

Furthermore, we do not recommend installing it in humid areas like the kitchen or bathroom due to its poor water resistance.

The price is high
In general, the more wood in the planks, the higher the flooring cost. As a result, a solid wood floor will cost more than multilayer flooring, which in turn will cost more than a synthetic floating floor.

The installation process is slow
This only happens when we discuss glueing or installing battens. In these circumstances, the installation becomes more intricate, necessitating more effort and labor.

You now understand the advantages and disadvantages of both marble and wood floors. We hope that understanding the differences between marble and wood floors will help you decide which flooring is best for your home.

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