Gypsum Drywall Partition in Dubai

This book marking submission outlines the installation of gypsum drywall partitions for the [Insert Project Name] project in Dubai. The scope of work includes the following:

Supply and installation of gypsum drywall boards
Metal stud framing system
Insulation (if required)
Joint taping and finishing
Door and window frame installation (if applicable)

Gypsum drywall boards:
Type: [Specify type of drywall board, e.g., standard, moisture-resistant, fire-resistant] Thickness: [Specify thickness of drywall board, e.g., 12.5mm, 15mm] Size: [Specify standard size of drywall board, e.g., 1220mm x 2440mm] Metal stud framing system:
Gauge: [Specify gauge of metal stud, e.g., 25 gauge, 22 gauge] Track and stud sizes: [Specify sizes of tracks and studs, e.g., 70mm x 35mm, 45mm x 35mm] Insulation (if required):
Type: [Specify type of insulation, e.g., fiberglass, rockwool] Thickness: [Specify thickness of insulation] Joint compound:
Type: [Specify type of joint compound, e.g., paper-faced, all-purpose] Finishing grade: [Specify finishing grade, e.g., level 4, level 5] Installation Procedure:

Layout and Marking:
Lay out the partition walls on the floor plan and mark the locations of studs, openings, and other features.
Transfer the markings to the ceiling and walls.
Metal Stud Framing:
Install the metal stud framing system according to the layout and manufacturer’s specifications.
Ensure proper spacing of studs based on the drywall board size and thickness.
Install blocking and bracing as required for stability.
Insulation Installation (if required):
Install the insulation material between the studs, filling the cavities completely.
Ensure proper air gaps around pipes and wires.
Drywall Board Installation:
Secure the drywall boards to the metal stud framing using screws or nails.
Stagger the joints between boards to minimize the appearance of seams.
Cut openings for doors, windows, and other fixtures as required.
Joint Taping and Finishing:
Apply joint compound to the seams and nail/screw heads.
Embed reinforcing tape in the joint compound for added strength.
Apply additional coats of joint compound and sand smooth to achieve the desired finish level.
Door and Window Frame Installation (if applicable):
Install door and window frames according to manufacturer’s instructions and ensure proper alignment and squareness.
Seal the gaps between the frames and drywall with caulk or sealant.
Quality Control:

All materials used shall comply with relevant Dubai Municipality standards and specifications.
Installation shall be performed by qualified and experienced personnel.
Regular inspections shall be conducted throughout the installation process to ensure adherence to specifications and quality standards.

Completed and installed gypsum drywall partitions according to the approved drawings and specifications.
As-built drawings showing the final layout of the partitions.
Additional Notes:

This book marking submission is a general outline and may need to be adapted to the specific requirements of the project.
Additional details and specifications may be required depending on the project complexity.
The contractor shall submit detailed shop drawings and material submittals for approval before commencing installation.
Please note: This is a sample book marking submission and may need to be modified to fit your specific project requirements. It is important to consult with relevant authorities and obtain necessary approvals before starting any construction work.

Gypsum Drywall Partition in Dubai