Aurogra 100 – Men’s Health related ED Pill

You can get a hard erection and charge up your penis with Aurogra 100mg pills. You can use this pill to stop having problems with your penile area over and over again.

The medicine can give you an erection by letting more blood flow through the tissues of your penis and making the area around it more sensitive.

The drug inside that can cause this erection is called Sildenafil. Before you buy and use the amount of Aurogra, make sure with your doctor. It works in a way similar to PDE-5 hormone inhibitors. Sildenafil stops the flow of PDE-5 hormones, which is the first step.

Soon, this sets off a hormone called cGMP, which also increases blood flow to the tissues in the penis. An erection can happen when the sensitivity of your penis rises. Aurogra 100 works for four to five hours. After 30 minutes, it began to work.

To take the pill by mouth, open your mouth and put some water in it. Do not swallow it, though. Just take the Aurogra pill that you take every day and put it in the medicine.

Now, don’t chew the pill; just swallow it whole. You should be able to take the pills every day at the same time. Also, try to stay away from drinking in general, as it can make a lot of side effects happen right away.

Aurogra 100 – Men’s Health related ED Pill